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Fluke Online Education

Project Overview

As a leader in handheld electrician and HVAC technician tools, Fluke aims to provide continued support for their
customers by providing information about how technicians can do their jobs more
accurately, more quickly, and above all more safely.


Apprentice and journeymen electricians and HVAC technicians trying to improve their work skills


Identify what interests the audience most and provide a new content strategy and web design that supports
the customer while providing an appropriate (treatment, tone, and effectiveness) bridge to purchase and revenue.


Completed user interviews, conducted a series of Design Studio exercises with Fluke writers and editors, and explored various ways of
“reinventing” existing content to be more interactive and accessible to a mobile

Card-Sorting Activity and Information Architecture

In order to understand how our user's understand and think about training content, we created a card sorting activity via Optimal Workshop and analyzed how our users grouped and thought about training material. This directly translated to a user-centered information architecture.


Designed wireframes to achieve a more modular
web card approach. This direction allows for more flexibility of content
creation/removal and provides a fluid layout that works for both
desktop and mobile web.


Presented prototypes of the high fidelity
mockup (created in UXPin) to apprentice and journeymen electricians for validation of project goals. 

Usability tests highlighted some
issues with category names, but confirmed the efficacy of the visual illustration approach
being taken in the “Digital Multimeter
Basics” screen on the left.

Additional iterations of prototypes were produced to further clarify navigation and identify more effective category names.

Media Response

by author/expert Avinash Kaushik regarding the application of this
content strategy on social media. 

 “…I think what they have done that is great is
get a really solid understanding of who their audience is.”

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