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Fluke Connect Website

Project Overview

Project kick-off began as Fluke prepared to announce Fluke Connect, a white-space solution for capturing and analyzing measurements from Fluke tools. This new product, a web app and mobile app offering, was also to be Fluke’s first big software application. The web app, which receives data via Bluetooth from Fluke devices, transformed the customer’s workflow and data management practices/technology.


Facilities Maintenance and Plant Managers already familiar with Fluke tools.


Introduce this new technology and effectively explain the benefits and best practices for using the software in their current jobs in an online ecosystem that optimizes a potentially 100% digital buyer's journey.

Information Architecture

Content strategy based on a multi-team analysis of SaaS applications and interviews with facilities managers gauging their reactions to the new technology.

Buyer's Journey

Established an information architecture that aligned with and supported a digital buyer's journey using previous user research about our audience’s learning behavior and analysis on how those customers currently research tools to purchase. Steps in Customer Journey were discovered in analysis of how our customers currently research tools to purchase. Mapped this information architecture to both address persona considerations/questions at each phase of the buyer’s journey and also facilitate forward movement in that digital purchase path at each stage; created a comprehensive requirements document to ensure consistency from wire-framing to content development to launch.


Initial Wireframes completed in Axure, allowing for the team to discuss and test different content strategies and methods of presentation.

Visual Design

The team iterated on several different visual design approaches to understand how best to move the Fluke brand to a more modern, software-driven style while still retaining a sense of robust industrial trustworthiness.

Initial Results

Media Response

2016 American Web Design Award Winner, GDUSA

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